• 2021, Dec 04 02:12 pm

Why You Should Visit Turkey This Year

The popularity of vacationing in Turkey has exploded in the past few years. After the conditions in the country have stabilised, it seems to have transformed into a hub of tourism that many people seem keen to explore.

Today, it seems that everyone has either already been to Turkey, is already in Turkey, or is planning to go to Turkey. It is a beautiful country that many feel they have a special connection to after having some time there. And Turkey is a destination for which you can find cheap tickets from Turkish airlines.

In this blog, we will discuss why you should finally plan that trip to Turkey:

Turkish Food

One of the main reasons people from anywhere travel to Turkey is the cuisine. Rich in history, Turkish cuisine is considered some of the world’s best food. Turkey is situated in such a place that it has had culinary influences from Asia, Greece, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe, which has evolved Turkish cuisine to a level above the rest.

Amazing Scenery

One of the main reasons anyone travels anywhere is to see the sights, and Turkey has so many that they just don’t seem to end. From gorgeous beaches, fascinating flora and fauna, rich national parks spread all around, there is the opposite of a shortage of beauty in Turkey.

And historical cities such as Istanbul, Cappadocia, and more are a peek into the past of the Ottoman Empire and the history of Islam.

The Hagia Sophia

The Hagia Sophia mosque is one of the most famous landmarks globally and the main reason many people visit Turkey in the first place. It is an architectural marvel that is 1500 years old and treasured by both Christians and Muslims. It was recently converted and re-opened as a mosque and has since drawn Muslim crowds in swathes. And why wouldn’t it? It is a gorgeous and intricately crafted building that is an essential piece of Christian and Muslim history.

Hotels in Caves

It is an interesting concept for sure and one that you must not miss out on experiencing. In Turkey, there are ancient caves that have been converted into hotels. Intricate and carefully carved, these hotel rooms give off a mysterious vibe with a different kind of luxury.

The beautiful art, the hand-stitched rugs, and the opulent rooms are of immense beauty and will make you not want to leave.

Shopping Central

Another reason people travel to Turkey is for shopping. You can find just about anything in Turkey to buy, and at relatively affordable rates, too, if you know where to look. The souvenirs and the trinkets that you can get in Turkey will constantly remind you of your fantastic adventure. And you can even bring back creative and beautiful gifts for your family members or your friends.

From beautiful pieces of jars, lamps, and vases to hand-crafted pottery. From incredibly soft and luxurious feeling rugs to intricately woven shawls and scarves. You can find just about anything there. The biggest market in Turkey is the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul that you might get lost in, as there is so much to see and buy.

Hot Springs

It isn’t just the mesmerising beaches in Turkey that deserve your attention. Once you have seen your fill of the coastline, move inland and experience the hot springs that will touch your soul. Pamukkale has the most famous hot springs that are named Cleopatra Pools. So, jump in and enjoy the warm, inviting water that will relax you immensely.

Warm Hospitality

Turkey has long been known as one of the most hospitable countries in the world. The people are incredibly welcoming of tourists, and as Turkey has seen its population grow more diverse, Turkey has become even more accommodating and friendly.

The people are helpful, and always welcoming of new tourists, willing to show them around and guide them.


Turkey has become an incredibly popular destination as of late, and it isn’t for no reason. There is so much to do and so much to see in Turkey that you wouldn’t want to leave once you go there. And with the winter season upon us, it is the perfect time to go there and experience the warmth of their hospitality and Turkish sand coffee.

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