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Switzerland VS Paris: Which One Is Your Perfect Honeymoon Destination?

If you are thinking of making things official with your sweetheart this year, it is now the time to start planning your honeymoon. Like most about-to-get-married, you feel mentally torn between Paris and Switzerland, you are at the right place. Here we will give a detailed comparison between these two famous honeymoon destinations. 

 Although equally breathtaking, both the places are unique in their way. 

Switzerland is like a love song performed by snow-capped mountains, magnificent water bodies, and serene alpine scenery. Furthermore, the fantasy ski resorts and lavish stays can leave an everlasting imprint in your mind. 

On the other hand, there is Paris, aka “City of Love.” With its world-famous Eiffel Tower, a plethora of art museums, and quirky cafes, Paris is literally a ‘stairway to heaven!  

Still, feeling confused? 

Read on!

Choosing Switzerland as your honeymoon destination

As explained above, Switzerland is a fusion of vibrant sanctuaries and luxury resorts. Here are some places in Switzerland that will make your honeymoon the most memorable time of your life.

1.  Zurich

The gorgeous waterfront and mind-blowing mountains make Zurich the number one honeymoon destination in Switzerland. Furthermore, it is the hub of stunning art cafes and different museums. 

In addition to exploring the charming lanes with the love of your life, you can also treat your taste buds here. 

2.  Lake Geneva

Famous for being Europe’s largest Alpine lake, Lake Geneva is the perfect spot for you to hold your partner’s hand and take a leisurely walk. 

Adjacent to the lake, you will find yourself facing myriads of shopping halls. So if there resides a shopaholic in you and your partner, come here and shop till your knees drop!

3.  Interlaken

Present at the heart of Lake Brienz and Lake Thun, the Interlaken is the destination you ought to be if you want to experience nature at its best. 

Aside from offering a plethora of instagrammable backgrounds for your pictures, Interlaken is a place where you can enjoy several adventures, such as paragliding, snowboarding, and skiing. So visit this place with your one and only lose yourselves to its beauty.

Choosing Paris as your honeymoon destination

Featured in a number of romantic movies and love songs, Paris is the central hub of all lovebirds around the world. In addition to everyone’s Eiffel tower, i.e., the world’s favorite spot to propose, Paris is home to several mesmerizing places. 

1.  The Louvre

The grandest museum in the whole world, the Louvre is a must-visit for every tourist in Paris. A striking combination of art and engineering, Louvre is undoubtedly the most bewitching building to look at. 

No matter which corner you turn at the Louvre, you will see renowned masterpieces. Therefore, all around the year, it is flooded with couples who like to have deep conversations about art and history.

2.  Disneyland

A mere sight of Disney’s castle in a city as beautiful as Paris is enough to make a couple go weak in their knees. With thrilling rides and exciting shows, Disney, Paris allows couples to exhibit their inner child before each other. 

To make your honeymoon even more fantasy-like, you can stay here and enjoy romantic dates.

3.  Notre-Dame Cathedral

Famous for being the first Gothic cathedral in the world, Notre Dame is a divine beauty.  It is adorned with ethereal sculptures and has enormous glass windows. 

A lot of the couples come here and climb 140 steps to see the huge bells chime for the city. 

Be wise with your choice

Hopefully, reading this blog will help you decide which place to pick for your honeymoon destination. Regardless of your inclination, keep reminding yourself the honeymoon is all about knowing your partner and seeing them beyond the facade they keep for the world.

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