• 2021, Dec 04 11:12 am

Reasons Why You Should Visit Colombia at Least Once in Your Lifetime

Colombia used to be a place that was considered very unsafe due to years of political strife, and internal problems, but in recent years, it has bloomed as a beautiful tourist destination. Today, many people travel down to Colombia and visit it for many reasons, including the beautiful Caribbean coastline, the thick rainforests, and the fascinating South American culture that is there to experience.

Here are a few reasons why you will be tempted to buy cheap air tickets to Colombia:

Historical Landscapes 

Colombia is described as a megadiverse country. It is a term used for countries that are diverse in native wildlife. And it isn’t just diverse in wildlife but in environment too, the Andes river runs through Colombia and connects together three mountain ranges. There is also a desert in Colombia called La Tatacoa, along with the Amazon rainforest covering a huge part of the country and sandy beaches to relax on.

It seems as though Colombia is incredibly blessed when it comes to nature.

Tropical Climate

Colombia is situated near the equator, which is why it is considered a very tropical country. It has a warm and humid climate with average temperatures at sea level hovering around 30 degrees Celsius, which makes it the perfect temperature to lay around on the beaches and get some sun.

Exciting Adventures

Colombia is full of exciting things to do. The amazing environment of the country enables so many activities. From whitewater rafting through the rivers to surfing in the sea, cliff jumping, diving, waterskiing, horse riding, and rock climbing, the choices seem endless.

Friendly people

Colombians are considered some of the friendliest and most hospitable people around. They are accommodating and helpful. Once you discover their hospitality, you might not want to leave.

Cultural Food

The environmental diversity has allowed Colombia to develop an incredible palette and grow a wide variety of crops and spices. The local food scene in Colombia is one of the things that the country prides itself on. They produce the ingredients and crops themselves and make their own rich and tasty food. There are so many tasty street dishes that are popular in Colombia, such as Almojabana, Arepas, Bunuelos and many more dishes.


If you are interested in a bit more adventure and physical exercise, then there are hundreds of hiking routes throughout the vast national parks of Colombia. And the best thing about these hiking routes is that you will see breathtaking sights.

Fascinating Architecture

Musician architecture dates back centuries, showing its ancient beauty in small towns and villages scattered across the country. But the majority of Colombia’s historical architecture is from the Spanish Colonial era of the 17th and 18th centuries that show Moorish and Castilian influences in their design.

There are also modern architectural gems in Colombia. So, if you are interested in architecture, you will find Colombia fascinating.

Rich History

And if you are a history nerd, you will also love exploring Colombia and hearing stories about its history. Colombia is a country with its history deep-rooted in Mesoamerican and Caribbean migrants that travelled into Colombia long before the Colonial era. In fact, Colombia’s indigenous history dates back millennia.

And more recently, countries like Spain, France and Britain have seriously influenced Colombia’s history.

Up-and-Coming Cities

Cities in Colombia like Medellin and Bogota have a troubled past. But it is just that, after decades of problems, these cities have cleaned up and today are known as cultural hubs and business hubs. These cities are becoming important examples to other cities in South America as to how a big city should work. Medellin has, for example, revamped its urban development and became a very well organised city.

Sports Fanaticism

Colombians take their sports seriously. Football is, just like every other country in South America, the most popular sport, and Colombia’s national football team is one of the best in South America, so attending a football match in Colombia is bound to be an exciting experience. Other sports have also started to become popular in Colombia too.


Colombia is one of the most exciting destinations to visit in the world right now. There is so much to see and so much to do that you will be hooked and want to come back again and again once you visit.

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