• 2021, Sep 20 10:09 am

Being stressed and frustrated in lockdowns, most of us want to go out and enjoy the sunlight. So, if things get easy, where would you want to travel? In this blog, we will discuss some of the best and beautiful European destinations for cultural, beach, and gastronomical holidays for you, your friends, and your family. So, read our blog, find the best location, buy cheap air flight tickets and start travelling.

  1. Braga, Portugal

Braga is popularly known as the Portuguese Rome. It can be the best destination for your 2021 trip. The place has something to offer for everyone. The city will be best for those who love architecture and history. The place is a must-see for gourmets as well as for shopping enthusiasts. The place also holds religious importance as there are numerous historical churches, shrines, and monasteries.

  1. Rome, Italy

Rome doesn’t need a proper introduction. The place has been one of the most favorite European destinations for travel lovers. You may have heard the phrase, “Roma Caput Mundi”, meaning “Rome is the capital of the world”. The phrase is true for multiple reasons. The people of Roman civilization enriched Europe culturally and shaped its borders like no other civilization.

  1. Cavtat, Croatia

2021 is the best year to visit Cavtat. With the romantic sunsets, thriving nature, smoothing relaxation, shouting sea, Cavtat has everything to offer travellers.

Do you want to visit a place where life is nothing but pleasure? Well, Cavtat may be the place for you. The place is located in the Konavle region, known as Croatian Tuscany. The place is charming as well as picturesque, and it is located 18 km from Dubrovnik. The secret of this town is the old town centre where you will find relaxing cafes and lovely restaurants.

  1. Florence, Italy

No doubt, Florence is one of the most beautiful places in the world and the best place to visit in 2021. The place influences the globe with its unique art and architecture. The idea of the Florentine Renaissance originated from this land. The roots of humanism go to Florence. Some of the great personalities like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli were from Florence.

  1. Sibiu, Romania

In Romania, Sibiu is one of the most beautiful and eye-catching cities. The city is situated in the heart of a beautiful and historical province, Transylvania. The city shows us what happens when history and modernism meet. The architecture of the city is mind-blowing. The city is as old as 800 years. Yet, it is well-connected with modern Europe.

  1. Paris, France

If you haven’t visited Paris, well, you are missing a lot. Whatever the fashion, trends, events, Paris will always be Paris. Paris is cultivated, generous, sparkling. It is said that the city has romanticism in its atmosphere. It is the city of cultures, contemporary art, museums, gastronomy, fashion, and most importantly, love. It is a city where you want to get lost and never be found.

  1. Kefalonia Island, Greece

KEFALONIA! Situated south of the Corfu and Lefkada islands, the place is famous for its shiny sandy coves. When you travel to this place, make sure you visit Antisamos beach and Myrtos beach. Ranked among the most beautiful natural wonders of Greece, Melissani Lake (a place in Kefalonia) is a place for nature lovers.

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